Customizing Field Names

If would like to add custom field types to your approval request or change the name of existing field types, you must request these changes by coordinating with [email protected] before changing it in Airtable. If you make changes without coordinating with us, unfortunately it will break the integration between Clockworks and Airtable.

Setting up a Webhook to Enable Polling from Services like Zapier

You can now use our webhook to set up polling from Zapier. You might enable this automation to look in Airtable for new requests submitted via an Airtable (or any other) form. Zapier (or similar services) will regularly poll the Airtable for a new record and then POST the Airtable record to our webhook in order to initiate the approval workflow. Our webhook is available after you log in to, select your Approval Workflow, and tap "Edit". See below for step-by-step instructions on Zapier. Though we use Zapier here, other services that accept webhooks and integrate with Airtable should also work.

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1: Copy your Approval Workflow-specific Webhook URL from Clockworks

Step 2: Prep your Airtable

There are several ways to support polling via Zapier with your webhook, the following steps are just a recommendation:

Step 3: Create a new Zap, select Airtable → New Record in View

Step 4: Find the Airtable that's connected to Clockworks

Step 5: Select Action "Webhook by Zapier", select action Post