Ideal for centralized buyer role where anyone can submit a request and a buyer gets quotes and makes a recommendation for approval. Good for: office managersbuyersIT administrators, and many others!

This template is designed for a two-stage request process. First, a requester describes an item or service that they wish to have purchased. Second, a centralized buyer sources the item describes and requests approval to purchase it for the requester. We recommend utilizing Airtable forms views to get requests from anyone in a group, and offering access to the full Airtable for the buyer role.

For reference, check out the Buyers Airtable Template available for you to copy in the Airtable Universe.

Add each of the following required fields to your Airtable:

Required Fields

You can choose to add optional fields that might cater to your specific workflow. If you don't need any of these fields, you can choose not to add them to Airtable and they won't get picked up by Clockworks to create the Approval Request.

Optional Fields

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